Cycling Paradise: Paso Robles Bike Tours for Wine Enthusiasts and Adventure Seekers

paso robles bike tours

Central Coast Outdoors offers an unparalleled series of full and half day California Central Coast wine country bike tours through the Paso Robles and San Luis Obispo wine country areas. We also offer full and half day guided coastal bike tours down Highway One in northern SLO County and a wonderful half day guided bike tour in the Avila Beach area, which combines coast and wineries. Or, we can plan a custom day bike tour for you if our regular offerings don’t quite match what you are looking for. And, all our bike tours are guaranteed private! Please explore our different guided full and half day bike tours by clicking on any of the links on this page.


Biking: Paso Robles – Half Day

$130-165 Per Adult.

Pedal along lightly trafficked scenic country roads between the vineyards northeast of Paso Robles. Enjoy tasting at several well known local wineries. Our easiest wine country bike tour.

Biking: Paso Robles – Full Day

$155-190 Per Adult.

A full day version of the half day tour above. Explore the lightly trafficked winery area northeast of Paso Robles. Visit the historic Mission San Miguel and tackle Cross Canyons Road.

Biking: San Luis Obispo Wineries – Half Day

$130-165 Per Adult.

Cycle through the dramatic hill lined Edna Valley just south of San Luis Obsipo. For tasting options, choose from among over a half dozen wineries that line our casual route.

Biking: San Luis Obispo Wineries – Full Day

$155-190 Per Adult.

One of our most flexible wine country tours. Focus on tasting at the award winning wineries in the Edna Valley and/or opt to explore more remote outer valleys.


Biking: Pacific Coast – Half Day

$120-155 Per Adult.

Explore the dramatic Pacific coast of northern San Luis Obispo County. Visit with elephant seals near Piedras Blancas lighthouse and ride by iconic Hearst Castle.

Biking: Pacific Coast – Full Day

$145-180 Per Adult.

A full day version of the half day tour above. Continue down the coast through the seaside village of Cambria to the historic pier in the classic surf town of Cayucos.


Biking: Avila Beach See Canyon – Half Day (Family Friendly)

$105-140 Per Adult.

Pedal along a creekside bike path and a beachfront road out to Harford Pier. Visit with sea lions before cyling into the apple orchards and vineyards of See Canyon. Our easiest and most family friendly bike tour.

Our Private Tour Guarantee for Bike Trips

california wine country bike tours

All of our guided half and full day bike tours through California Central Coast wine country and coastal areas are guaranteed to be private exclusive affairs. Once we meet you at the start of the bike tour, we are yours for the rest of the trip. Our guides will cater to your personal preferences and can change the tour (within reason) to fit your needs. No one else will be on the tour. Our minimum booking size is two people and our prices vary according to your group size. Treat yourself to Central Coast Outdoors personalized service!

How This Works and What is Included

On Central Coast Outdoors half day and full day guided bike trips we provide bikes (hybrid or road bikes), delicious gourmet picnic lunch and a guide. If you are staying on or near the driving route from our home base in Los Osos to the trip start, we can often pick you up for no extra charge and take you to the trip start. If you are staying in a place that is off our driving route to the tour start we can still pick you up, but there will be an extra charge. Or, you can drive to the tour start and meet us there. Each individual tour page has a chart that shows what areas we can pick you up for no extra charge. If you are staying somewhere else and want to be picked up, just contact us and we’ll let know what the extra charge might be.

On most of our half day guided bike tours (except the Biking: Pacific Coast – Half Day tour) the routes are either loops or a series of out and back rides, so the guide usually rides on bike with you and leaves the vehicle behind at the start/end of the tour. Lunch is served once we get back to the vehicle. On request the guide can also drive the support vehicle during the tour or return to retrieve it during the tour. Because the Biking: Pacific Coast – Half Day tour is a one way tour, the guide needs to drive the support vehcile during the tour and does not ride with you.

On our full day guided bike tours the lunch is usually served in the middle of the ride and the guide drives a support vehicle, which carries lunch, during the ride.

If your group is 6 or fewer, you usually have just one guide. Larger groups usually have additional guides. If there are two or more guides, there will be guide(s) on bike as well as guide(s) driving support vehicle(s).

On our full and half day bike tours through wine country, tasting fees are included at the winery where we lunch. Any other tasting fees are your responsibility.

Half Day Bike Tours in the Afternoon

Our half day bike tours typically start with a ride in the morning and end with a picnic lunch mid day. If this timing does not work for you, we can also start with a picnic lunch mid day and ride in the afternoon. If you’d like your half day bike tours to be like this, be sure to ask when you make the reservation by phone or put a note in the comments field of the online reservation system. There is no difference in cost for doing a half day bike tour this way.

Bike in Morning, Wine Taste by Vehicle in Afternoon

If you’d prefer to ride for a few hours or so in the morning and do a wine tasting tour by vehicle in the afternoon, we are happy to accommodate you! The easiest way to do this is to pick one of our half day bike trips in or near one of the local wine country areas. After lunch we can take you in our support vehicle to 2-3 additonal wineries. To cover the added time, we will just charge for the equivalent of the full day bike trip in the same area. Tasting fees at the added wineries are on you.

The Allure of Paso Robles Bike Tours

Paso Robles’ topography is a palette of diversity, from rugged mountains to undulating hills and plains cloaked in vineyards. The scores of wineries that call this land home are a testament to its viticultural pedigree. By choosing a bike as your mode of travel, you immerse yourself in the canvas of Paso Robles, experiencing the details of the terroir that give each vintage its unique story.

The region prides itself on being more than just a wine lover’s paradise. Paso Robles is a burgeoning hub for craft breweries, olive oil producers, and farm-to-table dining, offering a sensory feast for the epicurean.

The adventure component comes alive with the numerous cycling routes that weave through this tapestry. Whether you’re drawn to the challenge of mountain trails, prefer leisurely rides through wine country roads, or yearn for the coastal breeze, Paso Robles has it all, making it an ideal destination for both day-trippers and those seeking a deeper exploration of the area.

Finding the Right Bike Tour for You

Paso Robles offers a variety of bike tours tailored to different interests and skill levels. When choosing a tour, consider the size of the group, the route, the level of support provided, and the additional experiences, such as guided wine tastings. Keep in mind whether you’d like to rent a bike in Paso Robles or bring your own, as this decision will inform your choice of tour operator.

For those new to the region or cycling, guided tours provide the security of local expertise and the opportunity to mingle with fellow enthusiasts. Self-guided tours, on the other hand, offer freedom and flexibility at your own pace. Consider the following popular tour types:

Guided Wine Country Trek

A Guided Wine Country Trek is perfect for those who want the full experience, including an expert guide who can share local insights, history, and take care of all the planning, from the route to vineyard pitstops. These tours often include VIP access to tastings and gourmet lunches.

Self-Guided Adventure

For the more independent traveler, a Self-Guided Adventure offers the freedom to explore at your leisure, typically providing a pre-planned route, a map, a GPS, and the promise of a support team if needed.

Custom Cycling Escapes

Custom Cycling Escapes cater to those who dream of tailor-made experiences, with specialized routes, itineraries, and winery visits, often arranged to coincide with special events or seasonal highlights.

Group Events and Festivals

Paso Robles hosts several Group Events and Festivals that are a must for any wine and cycling enthusiast. From the iconic Tour of Paso Bicycle Rally to the Harvest Wine Weekend, these events offer a unique blend of camaraderie and celebration.

No matter which tour you choose, it’s essential to ensure that your bike is in top condition before setting out. Many tour operators offer bike rentals, providing you with a range of options, from hybrid bikes suitable for the road and off, to high-end road bikes for serious cyclists.

Essential Paso Robles Cycling Routes

Wine Country Classic

The Wine Country Classic is a quintessential route, renowned for its breathtaking scenery and the plethora of wineries that dot the path. This route often spans the gentle wine country hills, offering a balance of charming countryside vistas and the opportunity to taste a variety of Paso Robles wines.

Coastal Cruise

The Coastal Cruise offers a refreshing ride along the coast, with stops at coastal wineries that produce exquisite, ocean-matured wines. Despite being a bit further from the Paso Robles hub, the coastal route is a favorite for its striking views of the Pacific Ocean and the potential for whale watching during migration seasons.

Mountain Challenge

For the more intrepid cyclist, the Mountain Challenge provides a rigorous workout. This route often meanders through rugged landscapes, testing your mettle with steep inclines and rewarding you with panoramic mountaintop views.

Urban Excursion

An Urban Excursion is ideal for those who wish to combine a little city exploration with their cycling adventure. Paso Robles’ downtown core is a vibrant hub with its boutiques, art galleries, and, of course, wine tasting rooms. This route typically includes a mix of city streets and charming countryside roads.

The Best Time to Take a Bike Tour in Paso Robles

The best time to take a bike tour in Paso Robles is during the spring and fall seasons, when the weather is typically mild and the vines are at their most picturesque. However, the region boasts a Mediterranean climate, meaning that cycling is feasible year-round. Be prepared for hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters.

For those looking to avoid the peak tourist season, consider planning your tour during the weekdays and in the shoulder seasons. Not only will you enjoy quieter roads and more personalized vineyard experiences, but you’ll also often have access to off-peak rates and packages.

Tips for a Memorable Paso Robles Cycling Adventure

Prepare Physically and Mentally

Before setting out on your Paso Robles bike tour, make sure you’re adequately prepared both physically and mentally. Cycling through wine country can be deceptively challenging, particularly if you’re sampling the local fare along the way. Start with shorter practice rides to condition your body and build stamina.

Pack Wisely

Ensure you’re prepared by packing essentials such as sunscreen, water bottles, a portable bike pump, and a repair kit. Dress in layers to accommodate the changeable weather and choose moisture-wicking fabrics to stay comfortable. Don’t forget a camera to capture those Instagram-worthy moments.

Drink and Dine Responsibly

Paso Robles’ culinary scene is as robust as its vineyards, so indulge in the local flavors responsibly. Remember that drinking and cycling don’t mix, so plan your wine tastings accordingly and always designate a non-cycling member of your party.

Respect the Environment and the Road

Cycling in Paso Robles is a wonderful way to connect with the environment, but it’s essential to leave no trace and respect local road rules and etiquette. Stay on designated paths, yield to pedestrians, and share the road with automobiles courteously.

Stay Informed and Connected

Keep abreast of route conditions and changes, especially if you’re riding self-guided. Carry a charged cell phone and consider downloading maps and GPS tracks beforehand. It’s a good idea to share your itinerary with someone not on the tour and check in periodically.


Paso Robles’ convergence of wine, adventure, and natural beauty weaves a tapestry that is best experienced on two wheels, each visit a chance to create your own, unique pattern within it. From the gentle sway of vineyards to the rugged grandeur of coastal cliffs, every route holds the promise of discovery and delight.

Whether you choose to tackle the mountainous terrain, meander through the wine-soaked valleys, or simply pedal through the heart of the city, Paso Robles invites you to slow down, sip deeply, and savor the moments. Grab your helmet, mount your trusty steed, and discover the magic that awaits on a Paso Robles bike tour — an adventure that will linger on your palate and in the stories you share long after the wheels have stopped turning.