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Bike San Luis Obispo, Paso Robles, Big Sur and the Central Coast

The Central Coast of California has some of the wildest coastline and largest unspoiled open spaces in the state. It is home to the crashing surf and unbeatable ocean views of Big Sur, the California Coast Bike Route along the Pacific Coast Highway, and the wine country areas of Paso Robles and San Luis Obispo. We specialize in incredible California Central Coast bike tours and trips for individual travelers, small group tours or large group tours biking in our natural playground. Our trips and tours are top rated and our guide staff second to none! Take advantage of the owners' decades of experience in the adventure travel world and learn more about how we can help you explore this natural wonderland by bike. And, ALL OUR BIKE TOURS ARE PRIVATE!

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BIKING: Avila See Canyon - Half Day 08/27/2019

Nice sunny day in Avila Beach today. Low traffic on the roads and bike paths. Beautiful day for wine tasting at Kelsey See Canyon. We had a great barrel room tasting there. Lots of sea lions and even a couple of sea otters at the Harford Pier!

BIKING: San Luis Obispo Wineries - Half Day 07/26/2019

Gorgeous day for cycling in the Edna Valley. The coastal fog kept the heat down, so the weather the perfect for biking and wine tasting!

BIKING: Avila See Canyon - Half Day 06/18/2019

Great day for a bike ride on the Bob Jones bike trail! Off and on sun and fog. Lots of critters to be seen off the Harford Pier - sea lions, harbor seals and sea otters. Peacocks at Kelsey See Canyon winery also!