Guided Day Bike Tours



Central Coast Outdoors offers an unparalleled series of full and half day California Central Coast wine country bike tours through the Paso Robles and San Luis Obispo wine country areas. We also offer full and half day guided coastal bike tours down Highway One in northern SLO County and a wonderful half day guided bike tour in the Avila Beach area, which combines coast and wineries. Or, we can plan a custom day bike tour for you if our regular offerings don't quite match what you are looking for. And, all our bike tours are guaranteed private! Please explore our different guided full and half day bike tours by clicking on any of the links on this page.





Update: Most wineries are now requiring reservations. Therefore, when you plan a winery bike tour with us we will contact you to make a winery tasting plan and then make reservations for you. Wine tasting fees at all wineries (except the lunch winery) are not included in the tour price.


Biking: Paso Robles - Half Day

Itinerary Reserve Now      $140-175 Per Adult. Youth Discounts available.

Pedal along lightly trafficked scenic country roads between the vineyards northeast of Paso Robles. Enjoy tasting at several well known local wineries. Our easiest wine country bike tour. LEARN MORE...

Biking: Paso Robles - Full Day

Itinerary Reserve Now      $165-200 Per Adult. Youth Discounts available.

A full day version of the half day tour above. Explore the lightly trafficked winery area northeast of Paso Robles. Visit the historic Mission San Miguel and tackle Cross Canyons Road. LEARN MORE...

Biking: San Luis Obispo Wineries - Half Day

Itinerary Reserve Now      $140-175 Per Adult. Youth Discounts available.

Cycle through the dramatic hill lined Edna Valley just south of San Luis Obsipo. For tasting options, choose from among over a half dozen wineries that line our casual route. LEARN MORE...




Biking: Pacific Coast - Half Day

Itinerary Reserve Now      $130-165 Per Adult. Youth Discounts available.

Explore the dramatic Pacific coast of northern San Luis Obispo County. Visit with elephant seals near Piedras Blancas lighthouse and ride by iconic Hearst Castle. LEARN MORE...

Biking: Pacific Coast - Full Day

Itinerary Reserve Now      $155-190 Per Adult. Youth Discounts available.

A full day version of the half day tour above. Continue down the coast through the seaside village of Cambria to the historic pier in the classic surf town of Cayucos. LEARN MORE...



Biking: Avila Beach See Canyon - Half Day (Family Friendly)

Itinerary Reserve Now      $115-150 Per Adult. Youth Discounts available.

Pedal along a creekside bike path and a beachfront road out to Harford Pier. Visit with sea lions before cyling into the apple orchards and vineyards of See Canyon. Our easiest and most family friendly bike tour. LEARN MORE...


Our Private Tour Guarantee for Bike Trips

All of our guided half and full day bike tours through California Central Coast wine country and coastal areas are guaranteed to be private exclusive affairs. Once we meet you at the start of the bike tour, we are yours for the rest of the trip. Our guides will cater to your personal preferences and can change the tour (within reason) to fit your needs. No one else will be on the tour. Our minimum booking size is two people and our prices vary according to your group size. Treat yourself to Central Coast Outdoors personalized service!


How This Works and What is Included

On Central Coast Outdoors half day and full day guided bike trips we provide bikes (hybrid or road bikes), delicious gourmet picnic lunch and a guide. If you are staying on or near the driving route from our home base in Los Osos to the trip start, we can often pick you up for no extra charge and take you to the trip start. If you are staying in a place that is off our driving route to the tour start we can still pick you up, but there will be an extra charge. Or, you can drive to the tour start and meet us there. Each individual tour page has a chart that shows what areas we can pick you up for no extra charge. If you are staying somewhere else and want to be picked up, just contact us and we'll let know what the extra charge might be.

On most of our half day guided bike tours (except the Biking: Pacific Coast - Half Day tour) the routes are either loops or a series of out and back rides, so the guide usually rides on bike with you and leaves the vehicle behind at the start/end of the tour. Lunch is served once we get back to the vehicle. On request the guide can also drive the support vehicle during the tour or return to retrieve it during the tour. Because the Biking: Pacific Coast - Half Day tour is a one way tour, the guide needs to drive the support vehcile during the tour and does not ride with you.

On our full day guided bike tours the lunch is usually served in the middle of the ride and the guide drives a support vehicle, which carries lunch, during the ride.

If your group is 6 or fewer, you usually have just one guide. Larger groups usually have additional guides. If there are two or more guides, there will be guide(s) on bike as well as guide(s) driving support vehicle(s).

On our full and half day bike tours through wine country, tasting fees are included at the winery where we lunch. Any other tasting fees are your responsibility.


Half Day Bike Tours in the Afternoon

Our half day bike tours typically start with a ride in the morning and end with a picnic lunch mid day. If this timing does not work for you, we can also start with a picnic lunch mid day and ride in the afternoon. If you'd like your half day bike tours to be like this, be sure to ask when you make the reservation by phone or put a note in the comments field of the online reservation system. There is no difference in cost for doing a half day bike tour this way.


Bike in Morning, Wine Taste by Vehicle in Afternoon

If you'd prefer to ride for a few hours or so in the morning and do a wine tasting tour by vehicle in the afternoon, we are happy to accommodate you! The easiest way to do this is to pick one of our half day bike trips in or near one of the local wine country areas. After lunch we can take you in our support vehicle to 2-3 additonal wineries. To cover the added time, we will just charge for the equivalent of the full day bike trip in the same area. Tasting fees at the added wineries are on you.