Vehicle Charter Multi-Day Bike Tours

Want to cycle the California coast and/or Central Coast wine country and looking for a support vehicle with driver to support your private trip? Look no further than Central Coast Outdoors! We've been providing support for tours large and small, long and short down the California Coast and through local wine country for decades and would love to support your group, even if it's just a group of two (or one)! We know the coast between San Francisco and Los Angeles like the back our hand as well as the Central Coast winery areas and can help you plan the tour as well as support it. We also venture up to coast north of San Francisco on special request. If having a dedicated support vehicle is more support (or cost) than you want and you are comfortable fixing a flate tire and making minor repairs and bike adjustments on your own, please look into our self guided bike program.



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How This Works

At a minimum, we'll provide the support vehicle and a driver/guide. You'll also have access to all of our cycling routes and knowledge and we can help you plan all the necessary details of the tour, including providing accommodations recommendations (you usually book these direct).  Don't be afraid to book your own accommodations! Virtually all the places we recommend have online booking available. Breakfasts are often included with hotel room rates and for dinners we usually just verbally recommend during the tour a few places each night and you decided where to go. We can also add rental bikes and lunches and/or snacks for an additional cost. LEARN MORE...

Our rates are based on a daily charter rate based on vehicle size needed multiplied by the number of days on the tour. LEARN MORE...

Some groups have also had us put together private all inclusive packages to include accommodations and meals, but this is pretty rare. All inclusive packages usually work best for larger (i.e. at least 6-8 people) groups.


Our cost structure for vehicle supported bike tours down the California Coast or Central Coast wine country areas (Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo, Santa Ynez Valley) is pretty simple - just a daily charter rate multiplied by the number of days of your tour. The daily charter rate is for the whole group and is not a per person rate. Trips north of San Francisco may have extra fees for longer travel time from our home base in San Luis Obispo County.

Suggested Group Size Vehicle Vehicle Daily Rate
1-3 people Prius $500
4-7 people 12 Passenger Van $800
8-11 people 12 Passenger Van plus Trailer $875
Optional Additions Cost
Rental bike (road or hybrid) $30 per bike per day (7th day free)
Gourmet picnic lunches $25 per person per day

**GET THE PROCESS STARTED - Submit a Custom Bike Tour Questionnaire**




Support Vehicle Charter Program Includes:

EXPERT GUIDE DRIVING SUPPORT VEHICLE. All vehicles have roof mount bike racks, tool kit, first aid kit, etc. LEARN MORE...

COMPLETE ITINERARY PLANNING SERVICES. Including route mapping and accommodations recommendations (you book direct). LEARN MORE...


GPS BIKE COMPUTERS with routes pre-loaded. LEARN MORE...


HOW FOOD WORKS. Breakfasts and dinner are your responsibility (we'll make recommendations). For lunches, you have several options. LEARN MORE...


You Can Also Add (for additional cost):

RENTAL BIKES. We have both hybrid and road bikes for $30 per day. Upgrades to carbon fiber road bikes may be possible. LEARN MORE...

GOURMET PICNIC LUNCHES. People rave about our picnic lunches! These can be added for $25 per person per day. LEARN MORE...



Expert Guide Driving Support Vehicle

Virtually all our bike trips with vehicle support are expertly guided by one of the owners, John or Virginia. They have decades of cycling experience and will do everything possible to make sure your experience is the best in can be. The size of the support vehicle will depend on the size of the group. All our support vehicles have roof mounted bike racks. We'll carry water and snacks, tool kit, first aid, your luggage and make plenty of stops during the day to offer aid and support to the group. For snacks and any other incidental food, we usually provide a selection of basic snacks to get you started, then we just run a tab for any other food you'd like us to purchase for you.


Complete Itinerary Planning Services

If you don't have an itinerary already nailed own, put yourself in our expert hands! We know the California Coast and wine country areas from SF to LA (including Monterey, Big Sur and Santa Barbara) intimately. We live here and have provided support for self guided and fully guided tours down the California coast and in Central Coast winery areas for years. We know the best ways to route you where there are choices and we know the best side trips to take as well. We can plan short vehicle supported bike trips to focus on a certain section of the California coast or wine country areas close to our location (i.e. Big Sur, SLO County and northern Santa Barbara County) or longer distance trips up to the full 500+ mile bike tour along the coast from SF to LA. Check out the links on this page for dozens of suggested itineraries. The support vehicle can also double as a shuttle vehicle if you'd like to skip some sections and cherry pick the absolute best sections on the coast or wine country.

For virtually all our vehicle supported bike tours, we supply you with recommended accommodations for each stop along the way and you book direct. Our recommended lists usually cover as wide a budget range and accommodations types as are available. All of our recommendations usually get at least a 4 star rating on Tripadvisor (unless accommodations are very limited in a location - in that case we list all available options no matter what the online reviews are).


Detailed Turn by Turn Directions

We'll map out the exact route for you based on your accommodations.


GPS Bike Computers

Each person on the tour will be given a Wahoo Elemnt GPS bike computer with the routes pre-loaded on the devices. These devices are incredibly intuitive and very reliable. At the start of the tour the guide will show you how they work, but they are literally so simple that the guide can get the device started and set up each day and you literally don't need to touch it all during the day. The route function page has the route outlined on it and no matter what page you are on, you'll get flashing lights to tell you to turn as well as sub menu that pops up as you approach a turn to tell you exactly where to turn. We LOVE these units. 


Daily Luggage Delivery

Luggage is loaded by the guide at the start of the day into the support vehicle and delivered at the end of the cycling portion of the day to the next hotel.


How Food Works

For breakfast, many accommodations have on site breakfast options. If they don't, there is usually a breakfast restaurant within walking distance. Any breakfasts costs are on you.

For dinner, we usually recommend a few places and then you are responsible for making your own reservations and for paying.

For lunches you have a few options. If there are several restaurant options mid way through the route, you can buy a restaurant lunch for yourself. Some days might not have good restaurant options at the appropriate part of the route and then it might be better to have a picnic lunch. We can provide a gourmet picnic lunch ($25 per person) or sandwiches or other picnic fare can be purchased in the morning and carried in the support vehicle to a picnic spot. If you want us to purchase basic picnic items for you in the morning, we can easily do that and just keep a tab running.

For snacks we usually start out with a few basic snacks (enough for perhaps 1-2 days) as part of the tour price. Afte that, just tell us what you want and we can buy snacks for you along the way and keep a tab running.



Rental Bikes

We have both hybrids and road bikes available in our fleet available for rent for $30 per day (7th day free). Our road bikes are actually "gravel bikes" that have been retrofitted with slick tires and are very comfortable. If you prefer a lighter carbon frame road bike, we may be able to procure them through one of our partner bike shops in San Luis Obispo (rental rates will vary). While e-bikes are not completely out of the question, we don't have any in our fleet  and they do provide us with some added challenges/costs. If you absolutely must have an e-bike, please contact us to discuss how it might work for your group. Our Bike FAQ page has more details. LEARN MORE...


Gourmet Picnic Lunches

People have raved about our goumet picnic lunches for years. While we may not be able to provide these every day, if you are interested, please ask us how we can work these in for you. $25 per person per day extra. LEARN MORE...