Guided Multi-Day Bike Trips

Why Travel With Us?



All our bike tours are private and our minimum group size is only two people. We have literally dozens of itineraries along the CA Central Coast and through Central Coast wine country to choose from and can modify them to meet your needs. We also offer several levels of service for our guided multi-day bike tours to fit your budget. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable a private bike tour with us is compared to many larger companies.



John and Virginia Flaherty, owners of Central Coast Outdoors, have been guiding bike tours all over the world since 1991. Both John and Virginia have lived and bicycled on California's Central Coast for over two decades.



All our bike tours are custom designed to your specifications and all our bike tours are private! John Flaherty, one of the owners, personally designs each tour based on his conversations with you. Furthermore, virtually all of our guided multi-day bike trips are guided by one of the company owners, John Flaherty or Virginia Flaherty. We are 100% committed to making sure your bike tour is an experience you will not soon forget. Please don't hesitate to give us a call at 805.528.1080 or send in a Custom Bike Tour Questionnaire and tell us what kind of a bike tour you have in mind!



California's Central Coast is an amazing place to cycle. Highway One winds along some of the most spectacular coastal scenery in the world, including the Big Sur coast. Just inland from the coast, you'll find delightful wine country areas like San Luis Obispo, Paso Robles and the Santa Ynez Valley. Many of our guided private bike tour intineraries feature a combination of coast and wine country. We also love going north of San Francisco to do guided coastal bike tours from Eureka through the redwoods south to the SF Bay Area. Please explore the links to different itinerary zones on this page to find out more about the dozens of different itinerary ideas we have to offer you.



“Throughout the planning of the trip your response to email and telephone messages was very timely, the food was great, and the routes were fabulous. I would recommend your program to anyone with no reservations.”

Dawn Keller
Maple Grove, MN

Summary of Levels of Service

We also offer Self Guided Multi-Day bike tours down the coast and in wine country.


How to Start Planning and/or Book a Tour

To get more information and/or pricing for an itinerary you are interested in or to begin the process of booking a multi-day bike tour with us, send us a Custom Bike Tour Questionnaire. Or, just give us a call at 805.528.1080!



Guided - Vehicle Support Only

This is our most basic level of service and works well if you have your own bikes and are comfortable booking your own accommodations and meals. You'll get our expertise in designing the itinerary and suggestions of where to stay and eat as well if you need it. Our rates for this are usually a flat daily rate depending on vehicle size and include just one guide who drives the support vehicle. Please inquire if you would like to add additional guide(s) on bike. All of our company vehicles have roof top bike racks to accommodate the bikes for the group sizes below as well as seats inside the vehicle for each person in the group plus space for a reasonable amount of luggage. We can also handle groups larger than 11 - please inquire for rates.

Vehicle Suggested Group Size Daily Rate
Prius 1-3 $475
Ford Transit Van 4-7 $750
Ford Transit Van plus Trailer 8-11 $825

**The rates above are for the whole group, not per person. The more people in the group, the lower the per person costs usually is.**




Guided - Vehicle Support Plus Bikes and/or Lunch

This is our most popular level of service. It is the most cost effective level of service if you won't be bringing your own bikes and works best for groups of 2-6 people. This level of service includes everything in the Support Vehicle Only level (support vehicle, itinerary design, accommodations recommendations) PLUS add use of our bikes (your choice of road or hybrid) for $25 per bike per day. We can also add lunches (usually picnic but sometimes at a local cafe) for another $25 per person per day. Don't be intimidated by having to book your own accommodations! The recommended accommodations for each stop along the way that we provide to you are carefully selected to make sure they work with the bike route and are within walking distance of restaurants. Virtually all of them can be booked online. Furthermore, we try to cover as many different price ranges and styles of accommodations as possible, from inexpensive youth hostels to nice B&Bs to moderately priced hotels to the very best hotels available. The goal is to give you as many options as possible so you can book exactly what you want. Our rate structure for this is the same as for the Vehicle Support Only level plus a la carte per person costs for bikes and lunches. If only some people in the group need our bikes, you only pay for the bikes you need. On special request we can also upgrade to full carbon road bikes for an extra fee - please inquire. We can also handle groups larger than 11 - please inquire for rates.

Vehicle Suggested Group Size Base Daily Rate Add Bike Add Lunch
Prius 1-3 $475 per day $25 per bike per day $25 per person per day
Ford Transit Van 4-7 $750 per day $25 per bike per day $25 per person per day
Ford Transit Van plus Trailer 8-11 $825 per day $25 per bike per day $25 per person per day

**The rates above are for the whole group, not per person. The more people in the group, the lower the per person costs usually is.**




Guided - All Inclusive (Support Vehicle, Bikes, Meals, Accommodations)

We call this level of service the hassle free level of service. Some groups prefer us to work out all the details so whoever is the main contact of the group does not have to worry about negotiating hotel rates, deciding where to eat, etc. We usually work with the group to determine what level and type of accommodations would be best, then we go to work contacting hotels and setting up the package. Rates for this level of service vary widely and are most impacted by level of accommodations desired. This level also typically costs more once you add up all costs than if you were to book and pay for your own accommodations and meals. We can also be flexible in including all, some or no meals. Due to the higher level of complexity in putting together a proposal with firm price for these types of tours, we do ask for a non-refundable retainer fee to put together a proposal with firm price. The size of the retainer fee is determined primarily by the number of days in the itinerary and the number of people expected in the tour. The retainer fee is typically $100-300. We are happy to have an initial discussion and get you a range of possible costs before we get to the retainer level as well. 



Comparison to Other Tours/Levels of Service

Many of our clients also enjoy our innovative Self Guided Multi-Day Bike tour program. Our self guided program is best suited for more experienced cyclists who can fix a flat or perform other minor bike repairs and who prefer to be on their own.

Another way to do a multi-day guided trip with Central Coast Outdoors is to simply do a series of our regular guided day bike trips with us, or mix a series of regular guided day bike trips with custom guided day bike trips. As always, all our bike tours are guaranteed private, so you can mix and match day bike tours without worrying about anyone else being on the bike tour with you.